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Fast Action Marine is proud to be the newest addition in the Lower Florida Keys to the Yamaha Repair Family.   If you are looking for Yamalube, we have that!  We even have bulk sales of Yamalube.  Bring in your clean containers and we will fill them for you. 

Call us at 305-872-8996 or email us at for more information.

Why is Yamalube different?  When Yamaha started making engines the engineers followed the common practice of recommending "off-the-shelf" oils.  Experience began showing that conventional oils didn't always offer the level of protection against wear and tear the customer paid for.  Unfortunately, that sometimes resulted in significantly shorter engine life.  It became clear that  Yamaha's customers needed and deserved an exceptional oil product.  The same engineering team began searching for lubricants that met Yamaha's high standards.  They insisted on the finest ingredients in precise formulations that would give dependable protection and enable the engine to deliver the high performance it was designed to give.  This search eventually led to the development of Yamaha's own premium oils - Yamalube. 

Better for Your Yamaha.
Don't Trust your Yamaha to off-the-shelf substitutes.  This is the oil designed for your four stroke Yamaha engine - precisely formulated to Yamaha's uncompromising standards and extensively performance tested.

Better Marine Protection
The trend in marine power is moving to four stroke technology.  Today's four stroke outboards, sport boats and water vehicles deliver all the muscle, speed and performance of their two stroke counterparts.  Though many of these engines are in teh same displacement and power outage range as high performance automobile engines, marine operating conditions are significantly more challenging.  Four stroke marine engines are subject to high loads and extended full-throttle operation, while operating in an environment that includes high humidity and salt air.  In these severe conditions premium lubricity is critical.  Yamalube 4-M is FC-W Certified.

Better Lubrication
Yamalube 4-M surpasses Yamaha factory requirements, with a superior formulation:  A higher level of bearing protection....Superior rust and corrosion resistance....Polymers that resist breaking down - even under the severe high load, high speed conditions common to outboards, water vehicles and sport boats... More anti-wear additives than regular passenger car motor oils...And the highest amount of detergents and dispersants, needed to keep your marine engine clean inside.

For More Information on your Yamaha Repair and Yamalube Needs: 

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2-Stroke Engine Semi-Synthetic Injector Oil For Outboard Motors:
Naturally, any outboard oil should be NMMA TC-W3 approved.  Yamalube oils are so good that they have actually been used as the test oil for many of the TC-W3 ratings!  That means all other TC-W3 oils had to measure up to Yamaha's high standards.

Extreme Performance Formula:
An exclusive additive blend works to guard against power robbing ring stick and carbon build up, while special additives minimize wear.  This oil has been designed for the most grueling conditions your outboard faces.  Whether it's extended full-throttle operation, or engine pushing "out of the hole" acceleration, or even hour after hour of trolling, this oil stands up to the test.  With this kind of extreme performance ability, Yamalube 2-M offers the best everyday protection, too.

Rust and Corrosion Protection:
This oil is formulated with the best rust and corrosion protection Yamaha could find.

TC-W3 Approved:
With so many TC-W3 approved marine oils on the market, why should you insist on Yamalube 2-M?  Yamaha's business is outboards.  Yamaha has built an unmatched reputation for quality, performance and durability with our engines.  Yamaha does not want to risk that reputation by selling an inferior oil product.  Since Yamaha knows their engines and what their performance requirements are, we can offer the best oil for them.  As a result of these high standards for quality adn performance, our oils surpass the TC-W3 minimum requirements.

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